Lone Star ASHI Benefits

Your Voice in Texas. Lone Star ASHI Membership Benefits:

  • Lone Star ASHI Chapter Internet Web Site. This web site contains links to your company website, the Facebook Lone Star ASHI Business Page, the Lone Star ASHI Twitter Page, The Lone Star ASHI LinkedIn Groupand to your company’s Facebook Business Page, your Twitter Page, etc.
  • Online networking resources help to keep you informed about Home Inspector related issues, utilizing the Facebook Lone Star ASHI Inspectors Forum and the Lone Star ASHI Private Members Group. Our on line public and private groups are creating a vast technical library along with a written and visual history of the Chapter (go to Photos, then Albums to access the files). Both of these pages are private (one restricted to home inspectors and the other restricted to Lone Star ASHI Members). People can see that these groups exist and whom the members are, but only members can read or contribute to the discussions or browse the libraries. This allows Members to converse in a more causal manor and create a vehicle so that time sensitive information can be shared very rapidly.
  • Chapter members are welcome to submit articles and white papers to the website for review to be published. Any article published by members will be attributed and linked to the author, which will increase your website exposure and search rankings.
  • You have a voice in national home inspection related issues that affect you and your client.
  • Travel expenses can be offered (if funds are available) for a Chapter representative at the national ASHI Chapter Leadership meeting and the Council of Representatives meetings.
  • Lone Star ASHI meetings at large have always been open door. Documents, notes, and minutes from meetings will be posted on the Lone Star ASHI Private Members Group so all chapter members may keep abreast on Home Inspector related events and current Chapter status (go to Photos, then Albums to access the files).
  • Lone Star ASHI has continuously maintained an exhibit booth at the Texas Association of Realtors® (TAR) State Convention Expo each year (for over 15 years). No other inspectors association has done this. There’s usually an inspector franchise or two, or occasionally another association at this prestigious event, but none have matched Lone Star ASHI’s field marketing presence. All Lone Star ASHI Members are invited to attend this event to help promote LSASHI and their personal businesses. Realtors from all over Texas (and beyond) attend these events, including Realtors from your market whom have traveled some distance to meet you. A field marketing opportunity like this puts you at the Realtors® “top of mind”. Last year the TAR Expo was in Galveston, this September it will be in the Dallas Lowe’s Hotel.
  • Our membership isn’t large but that enables Lone Star ASHI to represent the best of the best. Being ASHI Certified sets you apart from other Texas inspectors. Belonging to Lone Star ASHI sets you further above an already elite status.
  • Because our Chapter is small, your voice is heard. Running for a LSASHi Board position or participating in Chapter events is encouraged.
  • ASHI maintains that joining and participating in a Chapter is the best way maximize your ASHI membership benefits. Welcome to Lone Star ASHI.

If you are a TREC licensed home inspector AND an ASHI Member, we would like to reach out and invite you to join Lone Star ASHI. If you are a TREC licensed home inspector and are not yet an ASHI Member, we encourage you to research the advantages of joining ASHI and then get back to us. If you are not a home inspector then we encourage you to search this website when shopping for a great home inspection.